Hello again!

I’m currently sitting on the couch, grey jogger sweatpants (LOVE), sweatshirt, glass of wine and watching Pretty Woman, kiddos are in bed and this is what it looks like and it is glorious.

It’s crazy to think that we started with the Tuckerdoodle.  Our fluffy, lovable muppet is currently “fluffless” as he just got groomed.  He’s oh-so-handsome and extra cuddly, I think he might be a little cold (sorry Tucks!).  And now he’s a big brother to two fur-less siblings and with that he has the added chore of cleaning up after every meal and snack time.  How do people without dogs survive?  Vacuuming daily is not in my wheelhouse!  Vacuuming and house care is not really in my wheelhouse.  I’ve become a do-it-yourself, cooking, crunchy-ish mama but something I have yet to master is keeping the house picture ready.  You’re going to see that though, this is a real life.

I’m very good at some things and less awesome at others (aren’t we all?).  The awesome part is that I’m finally okay with that!  I want my family to eat healthy, making our meals has become one of the priorities.  This means that it gets dibs on my time.  I’ve also learned to love the DIY skin care stuff and oils.  Love my oils!

I want my house to be expertly decorated and perfectly clean too, but the reality is that it isn’t my forte, and that’s okay.  I’ve reached an awesome place of reality and acceptance.  You are welcome over for coffee anytime, but realistically, it’s going to look a lot like I need to vacuum and could tidy up.  It is what it is.  I read somewhere something about how it is more important to focus on what it feels like to be part of your family than what it looks like from the outside (but better worded).  That’s what I want, I want my kids to feel happy while we dance in the messy kitchen, as opposed to worrying about what others think of my messy kitchen.  They tell me eventually I’ll have a clean house, so for now – here’s to acceptance and love!