some of my favorite oil resources

I love my oily DIY because it helps me save so much money on my wellness journey.  There are lots and lots of awesome healthy alternatives but they tend to be pricey.  So I do a lot of diy (it is much easier than it seems) to help me have the quality ingredients I want, but at a price point that I am happy with at this stage.

I have lots of blogs and sites I love to reference. I wanted to share some of these and make it a one stop shop for everyone.

If you have ever tried a Face Oil you know how amazingly luxurious it is.  It can sound counter intuitive to use oil on your face if you’ve always been weary of breakouts but oil dissolves oil.  And stripping your body of its natural oils will only teach it to create more.  It makes some, you take it all away and it says, “oh, guys we need to make MORE oil”.  Face oil feels wonderful and it really helps my skin feel amazing.  The beauty of DIY is that you can customize it to YOUR needs.  My favorite site for guiding me through what I’ll need while keeping it simple is:

Crunchy Betty

Under eye cream is one of the few things I’ve been splurging on for years because my skin there is extra dry and I have dark eye circles.  I’ve always spent about $40-$50 for a little tub and that lasts for a long while so it didn’t feel like a huge deal.  BUT now I can make my own without the nasty toxins.  Using only a few good for me ingredients.  It’s amazing once you start to research that Shea Butter is actually great for under eyes because it smooths skin and reduces inflammation.  This is a nice simple recipe that I love:

Dr. Axe

I did leave out the aloe because I didn’t have any.

I also love this site for so many things that I can’t quite pick one.  She has great DIY recipes and a really good knowledge base for a natural home.

Wellness Mama

I’m about to make her bug spray!

If you have any other favorite resources for healthy living, please send them my way!

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