little lunches – quesadillas

Quesadillas are delicious. Cheesy, carby goodness. That’s not totally how we roll though. I try to maximize the nutrients and whole foods I get into my little ones and it needs to be obtainable and easy enough that it’s our norm. I also like to have our basic staples that my kids love because I hate fighting them on stuff.

So quesadillas are totally part of our regular rotation but I stuff them FULL of veggies. I try to fill them with the veggies my kids fight me on the most but also need the most. Because they seem to devour them no matter what. I also just found tortillas that are three ingredients.

Looking at ingredients is sooooo important. It’s amazing how most of what’s in our grocery stores is full of sugar and chemicals just to improve flavor while keeping things cheap. One thing I highly recommend is looking at the label of every single thing you bring into your house!!! It starts to open your eyes.

So what are some of our favorite things to shove in the tortilla? Onion, peppers, ham or turkey, spinach, and kale. Whatever we have in the fridge goes in. I chop it up pretty small which I find helps them to just eat it and not reject something that is in there. The little one will remove big pieces of peppers but if chopped small he eats them fine. The big one will pull out the spinach, but doesn’t blink if it’s chopped. Then I add the yummy cheese as my glue. 🙂

We serve them alone, with salsa, with guac – depends on if the kiddos are hungry or need the extra protein.

I’ve tried to come up with easy rotation items that I can change based on what they need such as: adding more veggies if we are fighting off some germs. More protein if they just aren’t getting enough elsewhere. More carby if their bellies seem a little off.

I do that with their buses too. Tummy isn’t good – add a bunch of crackers. They’ve eaten terribly – fill it with meats and veggies and fruits. Too mush sugar lately – skip the fruit.

This lunch doesn’t fail in our house. It’s easy, yummy, but also packed with goodness so I feel good about it too!

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