wellness and chemicals

So we kicked out plastics from our kitchen long ago. And we have been eating healthy for some time. But something that is a new realization to us is how MANY chemicals we allow into our home without even realizing it. It’s just so accepted to go to the store and get all the cleaners and soaps and lotions and such. Under eye cream – ask what is the best and just use it. Dry skin – oh this one is dermatologist recommended, grab it and go. Shower cleaner – bleaching power, yes please! Dish soap – gentle enough for animals in an oil spill, gentle enough for me!

Well, that’s over. So so so many of the things we bring into our home are filled with chemicals! These chemicals can be carcinogenic (cancer causing), endocrine disrupting (fertility? Thyroid?), allergy inducing, etc.

It’s crazy the things that we’ve just allowed into our home without blinking. I encourage everyone to download the “Think Dirty” app. Start scanning the things in your home. Even the things that you consider natural or plant-based. It is CRAZY!!!

Here’s some common home items and how they are graded:

You’ll be surprised with the grades you’ll find.  And you can click into the item and the ingredient to understand why it was graded as it was.  One of the most common offenders are things with “fragrance”.  When you click on that ingredient, you’ll see why exactly they have chosen to grade it so poorly. Look below at the “health impacts” for fragrance:

This is a huge reason why we’ve gone with Young Living! Candles, lotions, room sprays, etc.  I love the smell of a clean house and clean laundry and yummy soaps but I can get the same thing naturally!  No need to bring in possible carcinogens!  I am the gatekeeper to what comes into my home and I will not bring those things in if I don’t need to!  Why??  It’s also cheaper!!! Use wool dryer balls and pour a couple drops of essential oils on them instead of buying those awful for you dryer sheets! And I’m obsessed with my Thieves Cleaner. It’s super concentrated so that bottle will last me forever! But more importantly I can feel good about spraying it on our mattresses and clothes and carpet and shower and high chair!

The other awesome app to check out is the “EWG” app which is amazing for sunscreens, so make sure to check that one out now too! And make sure to scan your items before you buy!

We have switched out of this mindset and it can be scary and overwhelming but ultimately it is SO EMPOWERING!! I love that I’ve taken control of what comes into our home.  Replace items slowly so that the expense isn’t overwhelming, give your money to the companies that are willing to put your health before profit!

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