wellness journey

I feel like this wellness journey really began without me realizing.  I don’t even know that I’d call it a wellness journey so much as just trying to do well everyday.  I have been forced in some of my “wellness” journey because of health.  I’m fairly healthy so I can’t complain but for example, I have really bad allergies to RANDOM stuff and dust…very allergic to dust.  One of the things I’m allergic to is petroleum jelly which is in almost EVERYTHING we buy for skincare at the store.  I’m allergic to lanolin which is another ingredient that is supposed to help moisturize.  Things like that have forced me out of my comfort zone but I’m happy it has because…I don’t really want to slather petroleum products on my skin…I mean…ewww. But I couldn’t find any natural alternatives that didn’t cost a fortune or they just didn’t do the same.

With allergies you’re also told to lose all the good smelling things – detergents, fabric softeners, plug-ins, room sprays, candles, etc.  And clean sheet day just isn’t the same without that wonderful clean smell. But you do what you must.  I lived without those wonderful smelling things.

Then there was a plastic water bottle recall for the water bottles that EVERYONE used so that made me rethink plastics…they thought this was safe and then they changed their minds soooo what’s to say they’re not going to do the same with the other plastics? So off to glass and stainless we went.

Then I had kids and I definitely didn’t want all those chemicals around the kiddos.  Then my kiddos had dry skin and I slathered them in petroleum because nothing else worked and then that still didn’t work!  So I was forced to find other options again.

I have finally found some recipes for things that work for us.  Some homemade skin care.  Some oils. Some easy recipes.  I’m SO happy where we are and excited to keep moving forward on this.  I now have my yummy smelling laundry.  My clean (or citrus, or relaxing, or fall-like) smelling home.  I have affordable skincare that I know is good for our skin!

But I want to keep moving forward.  I want to take better care of myself.  Actually strengthen my core! Not because I want 6 pack abs but because I want my back to stop going out.  I want to be proactive with MYSELF so I can be better for them!  I want to maximize my time here on this planet but also enjoy myself.  I want to make good choices where I can for my family and the planet.  I want to be a good example to my daughter.  I want to be STRONG.  I have a lot of things I want and it is time to talk about how to work those in, because it is hard. There are only so many hours in each day, and only so much energy and coffee.

I hope that others can find some ideas here that maybe they haven’t tried yet.  And hopefully find a way of adding something healthful into their lives.  All are welcome and zero are judged!

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