homemade meals simplified

We eat most of our meals at home and most are homemade meals. But with two littles and a dog barking for my attention it can feel a little, uhhh, tedious? Frustrating? Like we should just chick-fil-a forever and give up?

But I’ve been perfecting my craft. My ability to create a yummy meal with minimal prep is becoming my art! And here are my tools that make it possible:

Frozen, precut veggies are my favorite thing ever!! Especially in the winter. They’re cheaper and all the work is done! Minced garlic, ginger paste or frozen, and some healthy bouillon for when I don’t have chicken stock. Can you tell where I do the majority of grocery shopping? I ❤️ you Trader Joe’s.

We made this stir fry tonight from Tastes Lovely. And it is delish! Now all I do is cut up chicken and make rice (in the rice cooker while we walk the Tucker) and dinner is done!

I’m all about eating well, but I want to be able to actually do it without the house getting destroyed or having everyone crying at me the whole time. I love that I’ve found shortcuts so I’m able to feed my kids nutritious foods. Now time to eat up!

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