breathe love in

Breathe Love In. This has been my mantra for over a year ago.  I envision breathing love in and envision breathing love out again.

I first heard “breathe love in” when doing yoga.  It resonated.  I have two little kids (at the time 3 years old and 7 months).  Those kids LOVE me, I am their mama (and man do I adore those little people).  I am their soft place to land.  But boy is it hard to be that soft place to land when what they need is to get all the feelings out.  The crying, fits, testing, whining.  Breathe love in.

Breathe love in.  I stop and think it and focus on the words.  Breathe love in.  What happens when mama comes back from being away?  Behavior gets worse.  Always.  I don’t know any mom out there that has said that their kids behave better around them.  Why?  Because they love us and depend on us.  Breathe Love In.  Breathe it in.

Through every fit, through every truck chucked across a room.  Breathe Love In.  Does that mean we allow chucking trucks across the room? No. But mama takes a deep breath and breathes love in.

Then, I focus on breathing love out.

I breathe love out.  Those little people, who I was blessed with.  I breathe love out to them.  I focus on doing it, intentionally. Then I do whatever it is needs to be done, from ignoring bad behavior to a timeout.  But Breathe Love In.


When they are at their worst, I know that their whines around mama mean that I’m the one they depend on most, and that, to me, shows loves.  So I Breathe the Love In from them, and then make sure to breathe it back out.  I don’t know why this resonates with me so much, but it does and it has been my mantra for over a year now.  It helps me focus on my breathing and centers me so that maybe I can have a little extra patience or be a little bit calmer.  But let’s keep it real, it doesn’t always work, but a lot of times it does.  And any moment that we are able to stretch ourselves, or our patience, means we are getting stronger and better.

Breathing love in, breathing love out.  It is what we do, day in and day out during mamahood.

I think this goes beyond kids.  The beauty of nature, the breeze in the air, the snowflakes, the flower petals.  It is all living.  Think about it – plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen (they are breathing love out!).   We all need to breathe love in, so we can breathe love out.  Self-care and loving yourself is so important to be the giver most of us hope to be!

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