2012-2013 in Review

This is an OLD OLD post – and I decided to leave my old content in here because I hadn’t fully realized how we’ve always been on this wellness journey.  I also find some kinda awesome stuff in here – like the Guiness Cupcakes…yum!  So I thought I’d leave all the old and continue on our journey!

Okay, so its been a while.  A lot has happened so I’ll use that as my excuse.  I decided instead of writing a LONG LONG LONG post explaining everything that has occurred in the past many months I’m going to show it through the art of photography.

We begin with September 2012 – 1 Year Anniversary
Exciting news during the holidays 2012 (pregnancy pillow Tucker is cuddling with)
A girl! Tucker helping us announce.
Planted pink flowers in baby girl’s honor.
Getting ready (the room is less neon than it appears here)
July & August 2013 spent in waiting


We have had one amazing year.  A lot has changed.  We are now a family of 4 (yes, that includes Tucker).  Certain things haven’t changed – we still try to lead a healthy life with good food and being active.

The blog is evolving and I’m super excited about that, so stay tuned! 🙂

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