We finally tacked it

When we bought our wonderful home we realized that the bushes in the front yard might need a little help.  So we dug them out and got rid of them!

Not the best picture, but the only one I have of all the overgrown plants

I’m fairly certain that these bushes were planted when the house was first built, and then not really touched after that.

Our blank canvas

We put in a lot of man hours clearing everything out, then headed to Meadows Farms!  Meadows Farms is a nursery less than a mile from our house (although they have a ton of locations) where you can go and get advise on what to plant and how to make everything come together.

They helped us choose hydrangeas, azaleas, lariopie, and purple palace heucheras.  

Although, we did almost get these other purple flowers instead of the heucheras.

We’re going to eventually get rid of the giant bush in the middle of the stairs too.  We’re thinking a nice potted Japanese Maple, but that might be a next year project. 

After many many hours, we finally got it all planted!

We chose to get some petunias as well to fill it in.

They told us that we had to think of the plants as baby versions, so it looks a bit wimpy now, but hopefully we’ll see it grow into place in the next couple of years.

After an annoyingly hot day…everything is looking a bit wilted.  But Tucker still likes it, as you can see the top of his head. 🙂

Well the sad news is that the heucheras which are the pretty purple plants near the light post, HATED the summer (or their location).  They died pretty quickly…so luckily we didn’t buy 5 of them as was originally suggested to us.  
Hopefully the rest of the plants will survive the summer, not a lot of time left now!
Getting excited for fall! 🙂

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